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Amphibian Medicine and Captive Husbandry
by Kevin M. Wright (Editor), Brent R. Whitaker



Notes from Noah, Vol. XXIX, No. 8, May 2002
" brings to veterinary medicine much needed information on amphibians by two of the most respected and knowledgeable veterinarians working with amphibians today an excellent, and most likely indispensable, text for veterinarians, caretakers of amphibians in zoological parks and aquaria, and serious herpetoculturists." Linda Randall, DVM

Sonaran Herpetologist, 15 (04) 2002
"Overall, this is a very useful volume for anyone dealing with amphibians in the field, lab, or clinic. With amphibian disease implicated in many amphibian population die-offs around the world, the education of both field researchers and veterinarians on the details and complexity of amphibian disease is a great step in amphibian conservation. This volume is the primary resource for anyone taking that step." Caren S. Goldberg

Australian Veterinary Journal, Volume 80, No. 6, June 2002
"This text is perhaps the only publication available that brings together detailed, clear information regarding husbandry, diagnostic, medical, surgical and reproductive aspects of captive amphibians. It is an important, if not essential, text in this emerging field. As such it is highly recommended to all who have an interest in amphibians." Dr. Brendan Carmel

The Southeastern Hot Herp Society Newsletter, Summer 2002
"This book should be on the shelf (next to Fredric Frye's two volume (Biomedical and Surgical Aspects of Captive Reptile Husbandry) of every aquarium, amphibian and reptile department, university science library, veterinarian, and herptile keeper with a concern for the well being of the animals in their care." Manny Rubio

Exotic DVM , Vol. 4.4, August 2002
"Amphibian Medicine and Captive Husbandry is principally directed at veterinarians but will also be of value to herpetologists and others with an interest in the care and diseases of amphibians. It is a superb effort and will be the standard text for amphibian medicine for many years. More than recommended, it is essential for anyone with a serious interest in the medical care and pathology of amphibians." Graham Crawshaw, DVM

Herpetofauna , 32 (2) 2002
"The editors and principal authors Kevin Wright and Brent Whitaker have done an excellent job compiling this book. They have provided us with a one volume encyclopedia on amphibian health and husbandry. An impressive precedent has been set this book will be a welcome addition to any herpetologist's library." Dr. Andrea Reiss, Veterinarian, Toronga Zoo

List Price: $174.00
ISBN 0-89464-917-5

This book is designed to introduce veterinary practitioners to the diagnosis and treatment of disease in captive amphibians. Although designed for the veterinary clinician, this text is an essential part of any herpetologist's library, covering various aspects of amphibian captive husbandry and propagation while providing the reader a firm foundation on which to evaluate a given husbandry routine. The diagnosis of disease in amphibians by the application of basic clinicopathologic techniques is discussed. Infectious metabolic, nutritional, neoplastic, and idiopathic disorders of amphibians are discussed in detail. Black and white and color plates enhance the usefulness of this volume. Specialty veterinary texts have been available for mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and invertebrates, but this is the first one to be published on amphibians.



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