DESERT LIZARDS: Captive Husbandry and Propagation


Gray, Randall L.




Orig. Ed 2003




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Desert lizards have gained popularity as pets and study animals. Within this book there are specific chapters on simulating desert environments in captivity, feeding, and captive propagation. Detailed species accounts for spiny-tailed lizards, horned lizards, chuckawallas, desert iguanas, collared lizards, and geckos include discussions about taxonomy, natural history, care in captivity, and reproduction. With 60 color photos and 14 tables, the book contains current husbandry and reproductive information as well as new data for some of the desert lizard species found in private collections.

"This book will fill a gap in anyone's library with an interest in lizards… As we have all come to expect from the publishers, it is well produced and of good quality… If any reference is needed then suffice it to say that it has re-kindled my interest in Chuckwallas and Desert Lizards." -- Alan H. Wilkie, The Herptile, 28:1, March 2003

"…an excellent book with good information that is useful to all levels of herpetoculturist. It has good suggestions on captive care that would be useful to veterinarians seeing these lizards in their practices as well as interested clients. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the subject or to have as an identification guide from the excellent color plates." -- Nancy Carpenter, DVM, Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery, Vol.13, No.1, 2003

"For a 130+ page book designed as an introduction to the subject, this book is surprisingly complete. A bibliography and index help round out this excellent contribution to the herp literature… The price is very reasonable considering the quality put into the book." -- Thane Johnson, Library News for Zoos and Aquariums, June 2003

"…well-written, interesting and easy-to-read…excellent illustrations." -- Ron Rees Davies, Animal Welfare, August 2003

"This book is a good addition to anyone's lizard library, regardless of whether they are professional zookeepers or enthusiastic amateur herpetoculturists. It will educate and entertain and promises to make a lot of captive lizards much happier for much longer." -- Stéphane Poulin & Craig Ivanyi, Sonoran Herpetologist, August 2003, Volume16, Number 8

"This book is well-written, contains exclusively high-quality color photographs and assembles a unique collection of knowledge… definitely a must-have title for anyone keeping or interested in desert lizards." -- Glynn Tate, Cold Blooded News, October 2003

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