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Donald E. Krieger
For Malabar Town Council District 5


Occupation: President, Scientific/Technical Book Publishing Company

Married 41 years, wife Ann.

Lived in  Brevard since 1972 and made Malabar our home in 1981


Bachelor of Science, FIT, 1976; Master of Science, FIT, 1983

Political Experience:

District #3 Councilman for the Town of Malabar

 Served a decade on Malabar Planning and Zoning Board

 Malabar Councilman for my district in the1980’s
Served four years on Malabar Roads and Drainage Committee
Other Experiences:

 Member Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

 The Florida Bar Unlicensed Practice of Law Standing Committee 18th Circuit member

 Leadership Brevard Graduate

 Brevard Watershed Action Committee

 Marine Resources Council

 Malabar Mariners Association
Varied martial arts degrees

 Coast Guard license 1972 passenger vessels

Served as captain and instructor  Florida Institute Of Technology (FIT) research vessel teaching oceanographic classes to students on the Indian River Lagoon as well as research in the Bahamas.

Why you should select me to represent you as a Malabar resident:

Consistently supports and defends our rural residential freedoms

Oppose unjustifiable tax increases

Opposes non-funded mandates

Promotes and defends local Town sovereignty

Advocates government efficiency and monitor all expenditures

Successfully spearheaded transparency to our government

Demonstrated efficiency and financial aptitude in recent budget presentations to staff and Council

Will continue to work toward greater efficiencies and more transparency

 My highest priorities are proper maintenance of roads, drainage, and equipment; and continuous improvement while maintaining the rural freedoms we moved here to enjoy.

Below are some Tid-Bits dating to the last century.

 November 2017

Don Krieger   

 Message forwarded to several inquiring next-door members in Malabar after the election  Frown

There was little doubt that I could not prevail due to a large voting block that insured the superiority of the high density HOA’s of district #5. I realized this, however, I was able (with the voters’ help) to revert back to the original charter via my referendum that re-created district voting in Malabar. The town now has the task of re-defining the districts and their respective distributions. I will always, when asked, help and be there as I have done for over 35 years now. Two years from now, I may place my signs and message out once more. I will always be available. I hope we can remain a town and not become absorbed into an adjacent city, I always want to make Malabar better. I have just meet with a community assembly concerned with town affairs. Do you want to effect better results in town, what do we have to loose, join us. Thank you for your support.  



In general everyone who runs for office proclaims they won’t increase taxes and they will improve services. In the last decade and a half revenues have rose while the population has not significantly increased. Services are either in question or in trouble and costs and red tape always are on the upside. My record shows that I have consistently practiced what I preach as a councilman, committee member, or representing Malabar outside of our Town. Every November it is up to you the voter to choose.




Efficient government, in my view, always requires an eye on reduced spending. If elected I would employ a 'Back to Basics' set of criteria so our Town adheres to living within its means. Responsible elected officials should reduce spending in times of economic downturn and not burden residents and businesses by raising costs. Employing better communication methods to inform residents of the issues is prime to keeping Malabar the rural environment most of us moved here to enjoy. When I was last on Council I did my best to limit costs, streamline operations, and maintain, improve, and pave roads. My wife and I enjoy sailing on the Indian River Lagoon and bicycle riding around Town we realize the fragile nature of this rural lifestyle Malabar currently offers and hopefully will continue to protect. I believe that low-density rural residential homes and clean quiet businesses are where our unique future should lie. This years vote is critical and I invite your thoughts and inquiries on the issues important to you.

Progress, in my opinion, is how not to change while keeping Malabar the quiet, rural, and independent place I wanted to move to and have now resided in for over 30 years. In this election there are distinct choices to be made. There are large differences in creed, opinion, and style that a review of history and Town records would exhibit. I will continue to work with and for a better Malabar in the future regardless of the election results. I have proven this with past performance while my opponent in my view has not. Although I appreciate the people that give up their time and energy for our Town there comes a time to rattle the cages and clean out the cobwebs. This election presents just such an opportunity.

Issues I continue to address.

Watchdog upcoming changes to future comprehensive land use planning.
Maintaining the independent rural character and lifestyle of Malabar.
Maintaining Town sovereignty. Oppose outside non-funded mandates.
Maintain effective fire, rescue, and safety standards.
Continued roads and drainage enhancement and maintenance.
Getting Back to Basics while living within our means.

I believe that you should not vote for an individual based on litmus test issues. Rather on the broad moral spectrum and breath of experience and knowledge brought to the table of the person you are voting for. Whether you feel the candidate would invest himself or herself as you would if you were willing to spend your valuable time and effort toward making our Town the best it can be is one yardstick to use when voting in any election.

This message approved by Don Krieger 2017 candidate for Malabar Town Council District #5